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"Make our home work for us", "we'd like more living space and light in our home", "we've never done a large building project before and need help with everything" are common start points with our clients.

Below is a selection of our projects. Click on the photograph to see before and after images giving you a clearer idea on what's involved and the outstanding transformations.

The downstairs layout of this traditional 3-storey townhouse was completely reconfigured by building a single storey extension to the side and structural internal work. The end result was a a spacious new kitchen, dining room, hallway and reception rooms that let in light and create the space for a busy family to enjoy their home.

The downstairs layout of this home was totally reconfigured by infill extensions and the removal of internal walls.

A whole new kitchen/dining/living area was created for our clients by extending out to the back of the property and making some structural changes internally. Large windows installed along the whole length of the new extension let the light flood into the new room. A contemporary kitchen was designed and installed. We also designed and carried out the work on refurbishing their bathrooms and shower rooms.

The main focus was on a total redesign of the kitchen/dining area. A single storey extension to the back, complete with three Velux window added space and light into the room. A new wall at the front has created more privacy. A new kitchen was designed and installed. Some structural work has taken place within the other part of the downstairs to open up the areas and allow the family to make better use of all their home.

Our client's kitchen/dining/living area wasn't working for them. By carrying out some internal structural changes we were able to totally open up the whole area and let in more light. New flooring and a well designed kitchen installed have transformed this living space.

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